Steamboat Springs is renowned for producing more Winter Olympic athletes than any other town in North America. Every four years, local residents send their Olympians off with pomp and circumstance and then sit glued to our television sets vicariously living out the Olympic dream. While not all of us can claim Olympic fame, the sports that fuel our bodies and mind are the ones we are still able to participate in each week, thanks to our one of a kind mountain and the Yampa Valley that is nestled below it.

Moving to Steamboat can be an eye opening experience. The culture of snow and ski is unlike anything  most people have experienced. For the hardcore mountain town skiing experience, you will need to get cozy with a pair of Telemark skis. The sport of telemark dates back to the middle of the 19th century when a Norwegian named, Sondre Norheim decided to pioneer new ski technology, and by “technology” I mean rope. That’s right, he tied his feet to his skies in a different way, using rope which would allow him greater flexibility in his stroke. Regarded as a master of the art of skiing, Sondre’s legacy is alive and well in his hometown of Morgedal in Telemark, Norway. He is even credited with the development of the word, slalom.


Here in 21st century Steamboat, we are grateful for the ingenuity of early skiing pioneers. Just before sunrise each morning, skiers can be seen donning a pair of telemark skis and ascending Mr. Werner to greet the sunrise. It is a religious experience for some, and its moments like these that keep locals and visitors alike coming back for more. Living in the Yampa Valley is a privilege. Our housing and rental markets are often tight. But for those who choose to live the mountain lifestyle, a little competition is a welcome distraction that adds to their experience.

If you are looking to put down roots full time or part time in the Yampa Valley, call us at The Steamboat Dream. We work with clients of all shapes and sizes and believe there is a perfect place for anyone who wishes to make their Steamboat Dream a reality.

Steamboat Locals, Telemarking to the top in order to witness our latest Blood Moon.