Philanthropist is one of those LARGE Greek words that conjures up images of old millionaires sitting in their study, writing checks to the “poor,” but philanthropy is simply a word to describe someone’s “love of humanity.” While most Steamboat’ers would never call themselves philanthropists, the truth is, a good majority of them are just that.

This year, during Yampa Valley Gives Day, local residents donated over $738,000 for local non profits. Our beautiful valley is full of engaged community members that encourage and inspire each other to get involved and support local projects and non-profits. The philanthropic spirit of Northwest Colorado is infectious. I personally have witnessed folks of all ages get involved with one non-profit only to branch out and support two or three more.

The Steamboat Dream is currently involved specifically with Impact 100, the Boys & Girls Clubs of Northwest Colorado, Integrated Community, The Steamboat Springs Rotary Club, and The Trail Maintenance Endowment Fund. 

These five non-profits are doing a tremendous job making life in the Yampa Valley possible for thousands of people, but they are not doing it alone. The abundance of impactful non-profits in Steamboat Springs is eye opening when you consider the size of our hometown.

The Steamboat Dream started a new community support initiative in 2017. Donating 10% of closing commissions to our clients’ non-profit of choice, this program seeks to inspire a new wave of local philanthropy. It feels so good to give back. We believe that taking the first step towards philanthropy is all you need to foster a life full of generosity, full of “love for humanity.”

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